Refrigerator Repair

Do you ever stop to appreciate the hard—not to mention important—work your refrigerator does? Probably not. At least no until it breaks down and your food begins to go bad. When your refrigerator is on the fritz, and you’re worried that your food will spoil, don’t panic. If you live in the Spring Hill, TN vicinity, contact Jim’s appliance right away. We’ll send one of our experts over to your doorstep and get your refrigerator up and running within the same day.

Our technicians have years of experience and training for repairing all the well-known brands, including GE, Samsung, LG, Frigidaire, Kenmore, Viking, Maytag, and Bosch, and more.

To safely store your perishables, for the time being, buy some dry ice for your refrigerator, and try to keep the doors shut.

Why did it break down?

Your refrigerator could be malfunctioning for any number of reasons. There are often multiple causes for every scenario. The condenser coils might be clogged, the compressor or its relay might be faulty, the defrost timer, defrost heater, or the temperature control might be defective. The door seals or switch might be damaged.

The malfunction can be corrected by either repairing the broken component or installing a new part in its place if it’s beyond repair. While it may sound straightforward, it’s far from simple. Before you can attempt repairs, you need to troubleshoot and diagnose the problem. Which again, is different for every brand.

That is why we discourage major DIY repairs because they aren’t as cost-effective as you might have been led to believe. The diagnostic and repair equipment is pricey and only meant to be used by licensed technicians. Another caveat—If you try to repair your refrigerator with ‘trial and error,’ you might end up causing further damage. Damages that won’t be covered by your warranty.

That is why it’s smarter to hire a pro for refrigerator repair. Call Jim’s Appliance repair of Spring Hill.

Common problems, troubleshooting, and repair

Loud noises

If you’re hearing a jarring and unpleasant noise coming from your refrigerator, a faulty evaporator fan or ice maker are the usual culprits. If you hear the sound when you open the refrigerator door, it’s probably the evaporator or condenser’s fault. There could be a foreign object trapped in the blades, keeping them from rotating and chafing against them. The evaporator fan can be replaced, but if not addressed promptly, you’re looking at further damages.

Not cool enough

Condenser coils are usually to blame if your refrigerator isn’t cold enough. Often debris build up lowers the cooling levels which requires a thorough cleaning, but if that doesn’t solve the problem, contact us. It’s probably the condenser fan motor or evaporator fan that needs repair or replacing.

The start relay or capacitor – which power the condenser—might have failed as well, which would need to be replaced.


If your refrigerator is leaking water on the floor, it is probably the water filter, tank, or inlet valve at fault. The water tank assembly can’t be repaired and would need to be replaced. The filter could be leaking water if it’s not installed correctly. That is easily fixed by reinstalling the same water filter.

If the defrost pan or the water inlet valve are damaged, they’ll need to be reinstalled.

Should I consider a replacement?

Depending on the make and model, and the maintenance and care, your refrigerator can last you up to 17 years. If it’s any older than that, consider replacing it with a newer model. We can help you with that too. Give our office a call today.