Oven Repair

By far the most common complaints we receive about ovens are related either to the igniting assembly or the heating element. Whatever the cause, a faulty oven means you can’t bake that cake, or defrost the pizza you wanted after a long day. Since you use your oven almost every day, we understand you need it restored as soon as possible.

Fret not. Call Jim’s Appliance Repair – the most dependable repair service in Spring Hill, Tennessee. We’ll send over one of our seasoned appliance repair techs. Not only do they have years of experience in oven repair, but they also receive regular training sessions to stay on top of their game.

They’ll inspect the appliance, make a preliminary assessment, and share with you the details of their results. They’ll also quote you an accurate cost for repairs, beforehand which means no sneaky fees, or hidden charges.

Whether your oven won’t heat, the door refuses to shut, or simply doesn’t power on, we’ve got the solution, and that solution is only a call away.

Why did it break down?

Depending on the scenario, there could be multiple or a single reason for the malfunction. The best course of action would be troubleshooting the fault so that it can be corrected. The gas line could be frayed or damaged, or the igniter could be failing. If you’re facing heating issues, the heating element could be the culprit. If it’s the heating element, don’t attempt to repair it yourself!

Speaking of DIY repairs, they save you money, right? Even if you have to sacrifice the quality of repairs? Unfortunately, that’s not entirely true. At least not if you’re trying to repair a major malfunction. The right tools required for appliance repair are specialized, which you probably don’t have in your toolbox. The equipment isn’t just expensive. You also need the technical know-how and experience to operate them properly. Hiring a pro saves you time, trouble, and surprisingly, money.

Common problems, troubleshooting, and repair

Doesn’t heat properly

An oven which won’t heat to the right temperature most often has either a faulty igniter or a damaged heating element. If it’s not just the oven, but also the range which is failing to light, it might be a faulty gas line – which obviously would require professional assistance. If you smell gas, exit the building and call your provider immediately.

If it’s the igniter or the heating element, our technicians will replace it for you.

The door is malfunctioning

If your door isn’t shutting, it could be several issues. The door sensor could have broken down, the door springs might be damaged, or the rubber gaskets could have worn. These faults are addressed by replacing these parts.

Doesn’t self-clean

If your oven is of the self-cleaning variety, and the self-cleaning cycle isn’t working like it’s supposed to, a new door locking motor, switch, the control panel, or the thermostat might need to be installed.

Should I consider a replacement?

Did you know that ovens have some of the longest life expectancies among major appliances? With proper care and handling, an oven can last you somewhere around 15 years, but if you’ve had it for longer than that, it’d be a good idea to go shopping for a new one. We can help with that as well as the installation.

Whether you need a new oven, repairs on an old one, or don’t know which you need, give our team a call today to get started.