Ice Maker Repair

During scorching hot summer and sweltering days, a tall cold glass of—well, any beverage feels nothing short of divine, and for that reason, ice machines are a godsend. If your ice maker goes on the fritz, and you’re out of ice, you’ll probably realize how often we take ice and ice makers for granted, but you don’t have to worry or panic. We’re here to help.

Simply reach out to Jim’s Appliance Repair – the highest-ranked appliance repair service in Spring Hill, Tennessee—and schedule an inspection right away. Our expert technicians will diagnose what’s wrong with your ice maker, quote you a flat fee upfront, and restore your appliance, so you don’t run out of ice for the family picnic or the evening summer party.

Our team of technicians receives regular training sessions to stay up to date on modern trends, and we have years of experience repairing all kinds of appliances from all major brands. Whatever your make and model is our team can fix it for you.

Why did it break down?

There’s a number of components that could fail and lead to a particular problem. Some components, if defective, can lead to more than one problem. That’s why the answer to why did my machine break down is a tad complicated.

The filter assembly could be faulty, the ejector assembly could be defective, the water inlet valve might need replacing, or the supply line could be damaged.

Whatever the damage may be, never try to make major ice maker repairs such as this one yourself. Handling appliance repairs is extremely dangerous, especially if you don’t have the necessary training. Over 17 percent of the electrocutions in the last decade alone were caused by home appliances inside residential areas.

Common problems, troubleshooting, and repair

Ice maker won’t work

The control arm is a component which stops the operation once the ice bin is filled. Before you call us, make sure that this pause feature isn’t running. If it is, you can manually reset it. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, the waterline, filter, or the inlet valve might be broken and need to be replaced.

Ice maker works but doesn’t make ice

If the ice machine isn’t making ice, the water line might be blocked with frost. If the water still won’t run, or if the water doesn’t look right, give us a call. You can identify this problem early on too if you find that your machine is making noticeably lesser cubes than it’s supposed to.


If it’s a built-in unit, it’ll probably leak water inside the refrigerator, and if it’s a stand-alone unit, you’ll find it leaking water on the floor. If it is, ensure that your refrigerator or the stand-alone unit is perfectly level. Also, make sure that the filling bin is aligned right with the funnel. If the level isn’t the problem, it’s time to give us a call.

Don’t ignore water leaks because not only can they turn into a bigger problem for your appliance, they will also result in water damage to both your floor and walls.

Should I consider a replacement?

Ice makers usually don’t last very long, even barring improper use and user errors. In ideal conditions, you can expect your ice maker to last up to 5 years or so. Once it’s past that line, it’ll break down often, and the components will start showing symptoms of wear.

Make your drinks cold again with a call to Jim’s Appliance Repair of Spring Hill.