Freezer Repair

A freezer going on the fritz is easily one of the least desirable situations to be in. As far as appliance malfunctions go at least. Not only do you have to get the appliance repaired, but you have to get it repaired quickly. If you don’t, your perishables will start to go bad.

If you’ve got a freezer that needs repairing and you reside in the vicinity of Spring Hill, TN, contact Jim’s Appliance Repair. We’re the best repair service in Spring Hill, thanks to our dedicated, trained, and experienced team.

Our appliance repair tech will quote you an estimated price for the freezer repair after making some preliminary assessments, and get your freezer operating again fast. While you wait for our tech to arrive at your door, you can stock your freezer with dry ice which will keep your food from spoiling until your freezer is restored.

Why did it break down?

As simple as the question may sound, the answer isn’t exactly straightforward. More often than not, more than one failing component is to blame for a malfunctioning scenario. A faulty evaporator, thermostat, condenser, condenser coils, compressor, timers, or fan motor could lead to a host of different problems. Which essentially makes diagnosis tricky.

Although you could repair a minor issue yourself, we’d strongly advise against attempting major DIY repairs. If you make a mistake, you could be out time, parts, and a freezer. If your machine is under warranty, chances are it will also void that.

If you opt for our repair service, we provide a warranty on our repairs. Why is that important? Since the repairs are warrantied, if on the off chance, you ever face the same malfunction again, we’ll repair it free of charge. You also get to retain your manufacturer’s warranty and save money in the process.

Common problems, troubleshooting, and repair

Won’t freeze

Debris builds up on condenser coils with time, so they need to be cleaned every few months. Dirty coils hamper the energy-efficiency and cooling of your freezer. If the problem persists even after cleaning them, give us a call.

A freezer which doesn’t freeze usually has a faulty evaporator fan motor or has its coils clogged with frost. If the door switch is working, a new evaporator fan motor needs to be installed.

The condenser cools your freezer. If it’s not getting enough power or if it’s defective, your freezer evidently won’t cool, much less freeze. If the relay powering the condenser isn’t malfunctioning, then the condenser itself needs to be replaced.

Runs constantly

If your freezer doesn’t stop running at any point, the control thermostat or the evaporator fan could be malfunctioning. The temperature control thermostat supplies the evaporator fan, condenser, and compressor with power. If it doesn’t make a clicking sound when the dial is rotated, it is defective and needs to be replaced.

Coils are frozen

If the freezer coils are frozen over with frost, the defrost assembly is at fault. It’s the defrost timer’s job to defrost the evaporator coils by turning on the defrost heater. If either the defrost heater, or the timer is faulty, we’ll install new ones in their place.

Should I consider a replacement?

On average, a freezer can last you up to 16 years of use. After that, you might seriously consider a new model. Not only will that save you money in repairs, but you’ll also get cutting-edge and exciting features.

No matter what’s got your freezer down, give us a call. We’ll get things cool again.