Dryer Repair

You’re about to dress for work, only to find out your dryer is on the fritz. You could dry the load on a clothesline and wear a different shirt to work, but what about your next load of laundry? You can see how frustrating dryer problems can be. It can easily become an emergency if your house doesn’t have space for a clothesline, but you don’t have to panic.

If you’re a Spring Hill resident, reach out to Jim’s Appliance Repair. We’re the top-rated appliance repair service in the Spring Hill area. We promise quality same-day repairs and quote you a flat fee upfront. Transparency and high-quality repairs are what we take pride in, and we settle for nothing less.

Once you schedule an inspection, we’ll dispatch one of our appliance repair techs to your residence. They’ll make an initial diagnosis and get your dryer up and running again.

Why did it break down?

A number of different scenarios can lead to dryer malfunctions, and almost all of them have more than a single point of failure. Since the reasons overlap, the diagnostics can be tricky. For instance, if the thermal fuse of your dryer has blown out, the door or start switch is broken, or if the drive or its belt are faulty, the dryer won’t start. The same defective components could be the cause of an unusually noisy dryer.

An expert can make that diagnosis quickly and perform repairs safely. Beyond simple maintenance, like cleaning air vents, dryer repair is better left to a professional as it can be complicated and even dangerous if you’re not familiar with the process.

Common problems, troubleshooting, and repairing

Won’t heat properly

If the dryer doesn’t heat properly, it means that the heating element, the igniter assembly, one of the sensors, or the thermostats are defective. It’s not uncommon for the heating element to burn out with time. If the heating element isn’t receiving continuous current, it probably needs replacing.

If it isn’t the heating element, the thermal fuse is a likely culprit. It keeps the dryer from becoming overly hot, but if it blows, it’ll cut the current flow to prevent the risk of fire.

Won’t spin

The tension in the drive belt can loosen and damage the belt over time, causing it to break under sufficient stress. If the belt is broken, you’ll feel no resistance on the dryer drum when you try to spin it manually. After we’ve confirmed the drive belt is broken, we’ll replace it for you.

Alternatively, if the drum fails to spin freely, even after we’ve removed the drive belt, the problem lies with the drum roller axle. If they’ve worn out, all axles and rollers would need replacing.

Won’t turn on

As touched on above, a thermal fuse keeps your dryer from overheating, and if it is blown, the power supply would be disrupted, and the fuse would need to be swapped for a new one. If your thermal fuse is intact, it often means the door or start switches are at fault. The door switch makes a distinct clicking sound when the door is closed, if you don’t hear it, the switch might be defective and need repair.

Should I consider a replacement?

Whether your dryer is a top or front loader, most dryers last between 10 and 13 years. If you’ve had your dryer for longer than that, it’s time to consider a replacement. We’d be happy to help with that as well.

For all your dryer needs, call Jim’s Appliance Repair of Spring Hill.